Clash Detection & Coordination

Clash detection and coordination are critical processes in civil infrastructure projects, especially those involving large and complex systems with multiple components. Clash detection refers to the process of identifying and resolving clashes or conflicts between different components of a project, while coordination involves ensuring that all components are properly aligned and integrated to function as a cohesive system. Endeion offer the best clash detection and coordination tools and processes for civil infrastructure projects that can minimize the risk of costly delays and errors that can occur during construction. These tools help ensure that all components of the project fit together properly, reducing the need for rework and facilitating a smoother construction process.

We use BIM 360 which is a cloud-based construction management platform that provides tools for collaboration, project management, and document management. One of the key features of BIM 360 is its clash detection capability, which allows users to identify and resolve clashes or conflicts between different components of a project. BIM 360 Glue is another cloud-based construction collaboration tool that allows project teams to share, review, and coordinate 3D models across multiple disciplines. BIM 360 Glue's clash detection and coordination capabilities help minimize the risk of costly delays and rework during construction.