As Built Documentation

As-built documentation service of Endeion for civil infrastructure industry refers to the set of documents that record the final state of a construction project after it has been completed. These documents provide a comprehensive record of the project's design, construction, and final condition. As-built documentation is critical for maintaining and operating the infrastructure after the construction phase is completed.

Endeion’s as-built documentation process includes the following:

  • Final design drawings : These are the final versions of the construction drawings that were used during the construction phase. They show the final location and details of all components and systems installed.
  • Construction specifications :This includes the specifications and details for all materials and systems installed during construction.
  • Record drawings : These are updated versions of the original construction drawings that have been revised to show the actual installation of components and systems.
  • Operation and maintenance manuals :These provide instructions and information for operating and maintaining the infrastructure.
  • Test and inspection reports : These document the results of any tests and inspections performed during construction and commissioning.
  • Commissioning reports: These document the results of commissioning tests, including any required corrections or modifications made during commissioning.
  • Warranty and guarantee documents : These include any warranties or guarantees provided by the contractor or manufacturer for the infrastructure and its components.